Generic Medicines

What is Generic Medicine/Treatments?

What is generic medicine?

What is Generic Medicine/Treatments?

A generic medicine is a drug that imitates brand-name drugs w.r.t. strength, effect, dosage, form, administration, quality and safety. A generic drug must obtain FDA approval for prescription and consumption. You can easily buy generic medicine online as well as from your local pharmacy.
A generic drug is a drug that is not branded but is similar to a branded or reference listed drug in terms of dosage, administration and performance.

According to guidelines from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the generic drug must have the same active ingredient as the brand name drug as well as the same dosage, strength, safety, conditions of use and route of administration.

The purchase of these brand-name drug alternatives allows patients to significantly save on their medication bills. Like here on genericpride 80% of pharmaceutical medications are composed of generic medicine, making them a popular and cost-effective alternative to brand-name medicines.
With this understanding of what is a generic medicine, check out its differences from a brand-name drug.

Why does a generic drug look different from the brand drug? Generic drugs differ from brand-name medicines in the following aspects-

1. Cost- As against brand-name drugs, generic medicines are not protected by patents and exclusive rights. Patients can buy the generic variant of a brand-name drug prescribed by a doctor at approximately one-third the cost of branded ones.
2. Color, shape and packaging- Generic medicines also vary in their appearance and packaging from brand-name drugs to give them a distinct product identity.
3. Use of inactive ingredients- Inactive ingredients like preservatives and flavouring of a generic medicine differ from its brand-name counterpart. However, the safety of such ingredients used is ensured through FDA approvals.
4. Expiration date- Some generic medicines come with an extended expiration date than their brand-name variants. Drug manufacturers ensure they are equally effective until expiry.

How Genuine Are Generic Drugs?

A generic drug is marketed and sold only after it fulfils all FDA standards. It is ensured that its safety and effectiveness matches that of the brand-name drug it substitutes. It meets the following parameters to ensure suitability –

• Stipulated testing standards
• Active ingredients used
• Form of use, i.e. as a tablet, liquid for consumption or IV prescriptions, or as an inhaler
• The extent of effectiveness and absorption in the body
• Strength and indications for use
• Approved inactive ingredients
• Appropriateness of storage container

FDA ensures a generic medicine meets all these standards before approving it as a substitute medication for desired clinical benefits.

Is Generic Medicine Available in Globally?

Yes, you can order generic medicine on genericpride trusted website. genericpride is the world’s #No1 Ecommerce Shop. Buy prescription medicines, generic Viagra, ED, diabetes needs & Generic Medicine Online with Easy Return and 24×7 Support at USA, UK, France, Australia, Japan etc.

Generic medicines are available in United State Of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), France, Australia, Japan as the laws mandate their prescription and sale. When purchasing prescription medicine, you can ask for the generic drugs and benefit from reduced medical bills. Drug manufacturers also make them available online for easy access to patients.

Why do generic drugs are different in colours and flavours?

Trade laws forbid generic drugs to look exactly like the brand-name drugs but must all have the same active ingredients for the same medicinal effects. These differences often come from non-active ingredients used such as the dyes, fillers, and preservatives, which help to determine the size, shape and color.

This is the reason why patients are advised to follow doctor’s prescription because your doctor is able to match your history and some inactive ingredients in a particular generic drug that may cause adverse reaction in your body, whereas the branded or some other generic version of the same drug might not.

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